art talk? It is a podcast!
We talk about art!
Whether in museums, galleries or other art spaces:we are everywhere where exciting art happens.
Be part of gallery talks, exhibition openings and closings.

What’s new?
art talk is versatile and multilingual. We talk to curators and artists from our region SaarLorLux. Not in the studio, but we are everywhere where exciting art happens.
And since we live in the heart of Europe, you might hear our talks in French, Luxembourgish or English.

What’s the aim?
Our aim is to make contemporary art from SaarLorLux more widely known and to offer explanations which help in better understanding the art.

Who makes art talk?
Verena Feldbausch and her team. art talk is part of art trailer. We stage art, we tell your stories in short, concise videos and get to the heart of things cinematically. And now we offer a platform for art podcasts from different places in our region in our new format art talk!