Art Trailer Verena Feldbausch
Verena Feldbausch

Art Trailer

We make Art Films

We stage museums, artists, works of art, performances as well as ballet, theatre and opera. We are Verena Feldbausch and an interdisciplinary team consisting of art historians, visual artists, editors, cameramen, experts in editing and post-production as well as social media specialists.

We produce Art Trailers

We tell your stories in short, concise videos that leave you wanting more. You are familiar with film trailers for the cinema or television productions. In a similar vein and drawing on our years of experience in timing, the right use of music as well as the effect of text and graphics in films, we convey your point cinematically.


We make image films

We present your company in the very best light. In our image films we briefly and concisely present your business, our explainers present your company’s product, project or service.


For the digital media

Moving images for the digital media appeal to new target groups. A significantly larger and younger audience is reached and at the same time addressed emotionally. We support and advise you throughout the entire process, from the idea to the conception and all the way to the completion of your trailer and the corresponding embedding in the social media.


Art Trailers and Art Minutes

Art trailers are short films about current exhibitions or events, which arouse curiosity and interest in the viewer with moving images. In the Art-Minutes, experts from the fields of art and culture talk for one minute about a specific work.

Duration: 30-60 seconds

Art Documentary

Our art documentaries draw a condensed portrait of artists or performances, but can also deal with cultural spaces.

Duration: 2 minutes and more

Image Films

We communicate your company values through emotional storytelling. My team and I would be happy to advise you on how to use video to inspire your target group and positively influence your image.

Duration: 1 minute and more